Clumsy bird game – earning game

Clumsy bird game – earning game



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Rules of Earning

(How to make money through this game)

Our all games and apps have different ways and rules of earning.

Here are the rules of earning of “Clumsy Bird Game in the USA or any state of America”

Rule 1: Earning will start after 20 Level

Rule 2: When you will reach Level 20 you will earn $5

Rule 3: After Level 20 you will earn $1 for each Level (Its means when you will reach Level 30 your earning will be $15)


Game Instructions

Keep the bird airborne by tapping the screen if you are playing on mobile or tapping the mouse button if you are playing this game on your PC. Give a valiant effort to evade obstructions. In the event that you hit an impediment, it’s down finished!

Game Description

On the off chance that you like the game Clumsy Bird, you are going to adore this game. This basic yet amazingly hard game is so habit-forming. Guide the bird through the course, yet don’t hit the snags. Perceive how far you can make it for gloating rights among companions!

Game History in the USA or any state of America

Clumsy Bird is a 2014 portable game created and distributed by Candy Mobile, an engineer that has additionally distributed other well-known games like Escape Action and Zombie Escape. The point of Clumsy Bird is to not allow the bird to hit any of the logs while keeping it noticeable all around.

The game got an abrupt ascent in prevalence after the cancellation of Clumsy Bird, as it depended on a similar thought of tapping to make the bird fly or skip noticeable all around.

Clumsy Bird is a side-looking over the versatile game with 3D designs. The goal is to coordinate the bird through as numerous spaces through logs, keeping away starting from the earliest stage the actual logs. On the off chance that the screen isn’t tapped, the bird will tumble to the ground.

Play Game Online and Earn Money

There is additionally an Online Play mode in Clumsy Bird. These players are addressed by both of the shadings: red, green, blue, or yellow birds. In this game mode, you can partake in a competition comprising of five rounds of Clumsy Bird. The best two players progress to the following round. The champ of every competition, which is essentially the first spot player of the last round, is given a prize which can be forever worn all through ongoing interaction once granted. There is additionally Leisure Mode, in which you can welcome companions to play the portable game through Google+ for Android.


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